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iungo is affordable, at the forefront of technology, and made for you

iungo is an Australian telematics system. We’ve designed it to help medium and small businesses to lower their fleet operating costs, and to manage their business reporting.

For private owners, we want to help them reduce insurance premiums, and fuel and service costs. We want them to become more aware of their driving style and their car’s diagnostics, which will lead to safer driving, safer roads and less pollution.

We understand your needs

As an Australian made and developed product, we understand the Australian market. We’ve spoken with businesses and consumers to find out what they need, and we’ve delivered a product which solves their problems, including a flexible pricing structure to suit their needs based on results or a fixed fee.

When you buy iungo, you don’t just get a small reader to plug into your vehicles’ on-board diagnostics or OBD port under the dashboard, you get:

  • The advantage of

    a customised business process for maximising your savings and ROI.

  • The detail of

    individual analysis and reporting to meet your specific needs.

  • The security of

    a product that is backed by us with on-shore support when needed.

  • The benefit of

    a flexible pricing structure to suit your needs, based on results or a fixed fee.

We give you ongoing support and the reports which you need, when you need them.

As different clients have different needs, iungo allows for customised reporting. Our data analysts are available on an ongoing basis to help you get the most out of your telematics investment.

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The benefits speak for themselves

Iungo can make you, your team. and even your family, better drivers, resulting in:

  • Lower fuel use and costs

    By being aware of how your driving behaviour (such as rapid acceleration, hard braking and speeding) impact your fuel use. changes in drivig bhaviour can save you as mach as 20% in fuel costs.

  • Lower insurance Premiums

    With iungo, you can access insurance discounts that insurance firms offer based on usage and driving style. This could see you save upto 20% on your premiums.

  • Save on repairs

    lungo uses your car’s diagnostics to help you make an informed decision and avoid unnecessary repairs.

  • A better environmental footprint

    lungo helps you learn about your car and fleet’s carbon footprint, and how you can reduce it.

lungo can keep you, your family and your team safe by helping you:

Coach new drivers

  • With lungo you can monitor new drivers and help them to be safe on the road. Remote monitoring tracks their driving allowing you to provide ongoing coaching to help them be safe drivers.
  • The five most valuable driver-coaching opportunitiAtwhich iungo helps you monitor are instances of:
    1. Hard acceleration and harsh braking, which can impact safety and vehicle maintenance.
    2. Harsh cornering, which affects safety.
    3. Speeding and driver fatigue.
    4. No seatbelt.
    5. idling, and the impact on a vehicle.

Avoid breakdowns

  • The organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reports <link to report> that telematics technology can help a company reduce maintenance and repair costs by as much as 14 per cent.

Detect crashes

  • Other research Market research by Geo Tab suggests that telematics can increase workforce productivity and reduce labor costs by up to 12 per cent.
lungo can keep you, your family and your team safe by helping you:

Automated trip logs

Need to log your business trips? iungo can save all your trip information for you, allowing you to access it at any time, online.

Your car’s location

Forgot where you parked? lungo can record where you parked to save you wandering the car park, wasting time.

Complete information on that used car you’re looking to buy

lungo can run a complete engine diagnostic test, including an emissions test. This will quickly and accurately diagnose engine problems, and let you know when the last trouble code was cleared.

iungo helps you save money:

Knowing your car and fleet, allows you to put in place steps to save money. This includes through better driver awareness and behaviour, a better understanding of service and maintenance requirements and of any fuel card fraud.

We also help optimise re-sale values with our proprietary car pricing algorithm

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to ensure you continue to get better reporting tailored to you, increasing your ability to save time and money!

See what research says about how telematics is benefiting customers around the world on our benefits page

Why else?

We have no lock-in contracts or hidden fees and we give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

So contact us for a demonstration to see how iungo can help you!