Privacy Policy

The rise of the connected car and the real possibility of the driverless car is both exciting and scary at the same time. While the benefits to consumers and businesses are enormous, media commentary on the privacy and security risks of new technology continue to surface and create caution.


iungo takes your privacy and security seriously.
As such, iungo uses only the best encryption software to protect your data and we do not provide your data to third parties. You have the choice to provide your data, collected, analysed and reported by iungo, to third parties (like insurance companies) to take advantage of benefits including lower insurance premiums that are informed by your actual driving style and behaviour, not an average determined by a company.
With iungo, we help you understand and report on your car and driver data. You own this data. While we hear of threats to security from connected car technology, including where vehicles can be hacked and stolen through security data being accessed and changes, this type of threat cannot occur with iungo.
iungo reads data only, it does not write it or provide any ability to change the data of your vehicle or operate it remotely. Therefore, there is no risk of your car being hacked and the operation of the vehicle being affected. iungo does not reach any data that could unlock your car or risk your security or that of your car.
When it comes to your car’s performance, while some aftermarket solutions can change the performance of your vehicle by changing the way parts or systems interact, iungo only reads data and will not affect your car’s performance. With the data available; however, you can change your driver behaviours (including breaking habits, gear changes, and more) to increase the environmental performance of your vehicle and protect your car from early wear and tear, which is common when cars are drive with poor driving habits.

Our Detailed Privacy Policy