Frequently Asked Questions


What makes iungo different?

Our platform was designed with advice and consultation from highly experienced and knowledgeable fleet managers. We have gone beyond just enabling a technology solution to solving real-world problems for our fleet customers.  Our advanced reporting engine is designed to offer the right level of ‘actionable’ insights. Iungo has been designed and developed in Australia.  Capturing and analysing over speeding in school zones is just one example of how to cater to the unique requirements for Australian customers.

Why is iungo so cost effective?

By leveraging the latest and most advanced IoT, cloud and big data technologies, we provide our service at an optimal price point.  This enables our customers to achieve a higher and faster ROI. The iungo device is a smart IoT device. We have optimised the amount and frequency of data collected, by utilising the advanced edge analytics capabilities of the device. This ensures that we can reduce the data transmission cost over the 3G network.

Is iungo compatible with all cars?

The iungo device gets installed in the OBDii port of the car. The device can work with any car manufactured after 2007 in Australia, as cars manufactured after the time in Australia are mandated to have the OBDii port.

Will iungo also work on trucks?

iungo has been designed and developed to work with Light Commercial vehicles – Cars, SUV’s and Vans.

Will iungo void the warranty of my car?

The iungo device only reads data from the car’s engine and we don’t write anything back in the car. This ensures that the warranty of the car is still valid despite installing the device.

Do I need to take my car to a service station to install iungo?

No, the device can be inserted into your OBDIII port which is normally located underneath the steering wheel. Drivers may also find their OBDIII port located in the glovebox compartment.

How secure is iungo?

Data privacy and security are at the core of our business. The device has multiple layers of security to ensure protection against hackers. In addition, the platform has also been designed and tested to ensure security of the data. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

Does iungo utilize my mobile phone data?

iungo is a fully connected 3G solution. There is no need for the driver to have a mobile phone for data transmission.

What happens if there is no 3G network coverage?

The device stores data when the vehicle is out of 3G network. When the vehicle is back within 3G coverage the data gets sent to our platform. The platform is smart enough to then sequentially piece the data so that vehicle owners don’t see out-of-sync data.

Can I swap the iungo device between vehicles?

Yes, iungo devices can be swapped between vehicles. If you are selling a vehicle, you can install the iungo device in another vehicle. On the platform, you will have to unpair the device from the old vehicle and will have to pair it to the new vehicle.

How do I access my data?

You can view the data through iungo’s web portal. We are working towards launching the mobile app in the next few months.

What is the price to buy iungo?

We offer very flexible and attractive pricing. We can also offer discounts depending on fleet size. Please contact us for a detailed discussion on pricing.

I am a private car owner. Can I buy iungo?

We are working towards launching iungo for private car owners. The functionality currently offered by iungo can still be utilised by private car owners. If you are keen to buy iungo for your private or family vehicle, please reach out to us.

Can iungo work outside of Australia?

We have recently launched in Australia with an aim to go global in the next few years. Depending on which country your fleet is based in, we can work with you to cater to your needs. If you contact us, we would be happy to discuss and provide a solution for your specific country.