Summary of Big Data/Data Analytics Deals in Australia 2017

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A middle-aged neighbour in the 1967 film The Graduate tells an aimless college grad Dustin Hoffman that a viable future career would be in "One word: plastics". If the film was made today the line would be changed to "Two words: data analytics". There has been a rash of reports released over the last year on the future [...]

Automakers Accelerate Their Interest In Startups

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When it comes to startup investment, carmakers are all over the road. Over the past two years, we’ve seen a massive spike in venture funding by major auto manufacturers. Deal counts are up, more automakers are investing, and more big rounds are getting done. However, an analysis of Crunchbase funding data for the twenty largest global [...]

Connected and interactive cars depend partially on comprehensive telematics data.

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By Roy Cooke B.Arts (F&M) MBA (Wharton) CEO of   June 2017   The car industry, like many other industries, is undergoing massive transformations. The excitement about autonomous vehicles is real and within sight, with many manufacturers announcing that the production of self-driving cars will occur by 2020.     A precursor to this self-driving [...]

Telematics industry changing tack and winning customers

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There continues to be a lot written about fleets and telematics because it is an industry that is in some ways still finding a purpose. The potential benefits are as varied as the systems and providers spruiking their services.