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iungo empowers drivers by providing access to their car’s data. We also help analyse the data so you can be clear on your cars use and your driving habits. This data and analysis can be shared and consumed in whatever way is best for you.

You, as a driver, have ownership and control of your car’s data.

Key Benefits

  • Save Costs

    • Reduce Insurance Premiums
    • Improve fuel economy
    • Save on repair and service costs
    • Nearest Fuel station and pricing information
    • Discounts through fuel cards
  • Drive safe

    • Reduce harsh driving
    • Send help within minutes of a crash or emergency
    • Quicker roadside assistance if you have a breakdown
    • Car location
    • Support for young drivers
  • Drive green

    • Reduce your car’s CO2 emissions
    • Monitor your carbon footprint
  • Drive smart

    • Engine fault alerts
    • Generate accurate tax and business logbooks/reports
    • Know in real time the resale value of your car

Check Your Vehicles Compatibility

Make your car a Smart Car with iungo

Step 1

Plug in the iungo eagle-i in your car’s OBD II port (See if your car is compatible)

Step 2

Download the app / access the web portal

Step 3

Go for a drive and enjoy the connected car experience

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