About Us

We are on a mission to make driving cheaper, safer, greener and smarter.


iungo was founded with a distinct mission: To connect our cars to our homes, cities and most importantly our digital lives. In a space that has seen enormous disruption over the last few years, iungo set out to be early adopters in an emerging market. We’re up for the challenge in a space that others have been hesitant to enter into. When we see something new and exciting, we go for it.

Working out of Sydney, Australia, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with a range of companies who are each working towards a similar goal – to provide the best possible solution to their customers. Receiving grants from both NSW and Federal governments has enabled us to continually adapt and iterate our product. We are constantly innovating, utilising advanced technologies such as IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning. At iungo we pride ourselves on always being one step ahead. We’re always looking ahead and ensuring that our thinking is ahead of the game.

Data Privacy

We’re on your side. We put our customers first and will always do right by them. For this reason, data privacy is paramount to iungo. As the customer, you own all the data that is collected through your iungo device.

This data can then be analysed, shared, and consumed. You are in control of your data and you choose how, when and with whom you want to share this data.

The Future


We have recently launched in the enterprise market and plan to launch into the consumer market soon, enabling private owners to share their car data with our marketplace partners such as insurers, car service/repairers, roadside assist and more to access personalized and contextual services.